CESAS is an established civil engineering company with current operations in Dublin, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England

With over 18 years of industry experience we are a trusted sub-contractor for large civil engineering contractors to which we provide specialist services including insitu reinforced concrete structures and turnkey industrial buildings.

CESAS has a reputation for successfully working to tight deadlines and bringing projects in on time. We have particular experience in working directly with our clients’ design teams to speed their projects through design to construction. We achieve this through pro-active contract management, understanding of design requirements and well organised project planning.

Project Types


CESAS has extensive experience in the construction of bridges, ports and treatment works. We are heavily involved in the construction of foundations for wind turbines. To date we have constructed foundations for 389 wind turbines on 23 wind farms throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Industrial Buildings

CESAS offers a turnkey service to provide our clients with industrial buildings for warehousing, workshops and control facilities. We have experience in structural steel, masonry, metal cladding and concrete buildings.